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Indra Guntoro Ayi

BIRTHDAY: October 18
BORN: Jakarta, Indonesia
INTEREST: basketball, car and golf
FAVORITE FOOD: dim sum, shabu-shabu, sushi, and boba (basically, whatever lia likes... he he)
Angelia P Tandyawasesa

BORN: Mojokerto, Indonesia
INTEREST: music, shopping, barbie dolls, kickboxing and car
FAVORITE FOOD: sushi, dim sum, shabu-shabu, and boba
  How we met:
We go to the same church and we've been friends for a long time. The funny thing is, we used to get on each other's nerves! Then the unthinkable happen - what once was a mutual friendship turned into a meaningful relationship. Never expected that... but hey, God works in mysterious ways at times..
To make a long story short, less than a year since we started dating, Indra proposed and you know the rest... We will begin our journey together on Jan 6, 2007!
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